welcome to your french school French bubble

Welcome to French Bubble immersion program ! Your new school opening in 2024.

Choose to learn French in immersion : experiencing the real life, during a tailor-made immersive stay. Either you want to share your everyday life with your tutor, or be more independant, as if you were on holidays on your own, with some French classes, everything is possible !

During your immersion, you will enjoy to visit the region of Pau which is a very touristic place in south west of France, located between Atlantic Ocean and Pyrénées mountain range. The perfect spot to practise outdoor activities all year round such as hiking, surfing, skiing and much more. If such activities are not your cup of tea, don’t be afraid, there is enough to do to please everyone : culture, gastronomy, shopping (find out more on « visit the region » section)

Delphine, your graduated french teacher, and her husband Adrien, will welcome you at their place offering you an independant small and cosy appartment right next door. In that way, French Bubble will become your home in France. A french idiomatic expression is « to be in your bubble » (être dans sa bulle), meaning that your mind has flown away in a peaceful and a feeling good world : your bubble. So, I would love to offer you such a special moment.

Your hosts Adrien and Delphine (your teacher)
you choose your immersion program

… Come alone or accompagnied (2 people max.) for one week or longer…

… Decide of your lesson program (basic or intensive)

… Add the options you want

In that way, live the experience of your dreams !

Even if you are a beginner, don’t hesitate to contact us. All levels are welcome !

Learn more about our different programs clicking on this page, discover the region on this page and check our availabilities here.

Pau and its beautiful region

Before coming, you can discover beautiful landscapes of Pau and surroundings watching this short video. If you want to know more about tourism in Pau, click here.

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