Your tutor

your french tutor
who is your tutor

Bonjour ! I am Delphine, a 36 year old woman. I will be your french tutor during your stay. I was born in Bayonne and I have grown up in that beautiful region of France surrounded by sea, forests and mountains that I would love to introduce you. 

your tutor's experience

During secondary school, I had the chance to take part in an exchange program with a bristish family in Bristol, and I loved it so much that at the end, I wanted to leave France and start high school  in the UK but unfortunatelly my parents didn’t agree. Being part of a family has been a unique and fulfilling  experience. Within two weeks I had learnt more than during 3 years of english lessons at school.

qualifications of your tutor and teaching exprience

I first studied tourism in order to become a guide, then I got graduated in georgraphy and I eventually chose teaching. I got a master degree in teaching and education, then I have worked as a primary school teacher for 10 years. In 2022, in order to become your tutor, I prepared the DAEFLE diploma with the Alliance Française of Paris, to teach french as a foreign language. I got graduated in september 2023. That is when I chose to change life being a french tutor for adults, get involved in that exciting adventure of being my own boss and creating French Bubble.

what led your tutor to immersion

In the past 15 years I have had many occasions to travel throughout the world (except America !) and have always tried to meet local people. As I like to say, to « travel from the inside ». This is, to my opinion, the only way to discover a culture, being part of a place, sharing peolple’s life for a short (or a longer) time.

When I was a student, I have worked in England (Exmouth and Ashford) for 2 summers. I used to be a group leader for teenagers who learnt english during immersive stays. Each time, I shared life of british families who welcomed me. I enjoyed spending time with those people, and once more, found the best way to discover and learn much about the country and its culture.

Before becoming a primary school teacher, I have lived in New Zealand for a year. I’ve had many different experiences like woofing, house sitting, working in many places( wine making, tree prunning, fruit picking…)  and meeting people from different backgrounds. Most of all, what I have loved was to live at local’s. That has been, once again, a great privilege to share people’s life, to discover how they live and to learn things that can’t be from books or even a classroom beacause they have to be felt, seen, experienced… in a word, hey have to be lived ! That is what I want to share today with you at French Bubble : experiencing France and the french way of life.