How to get there ?

Pau is very easy to access by plane, train or car so you can easily reach us from anywhere in France or even from Europe.

reach us by plane

 Pau airport : flights from Paris and Lyon (click here for more information).

Lourdes Tarbes airport : flights from Brussels, London Stansted, Dublin, Paris, Roma and more (click here for more information)

Biarritz airport : flights from London Stansted and Gatwick (click here for more information)

Toulouse airport : Flights from London, Birmingham, Bristol and more (click here for more information).

Bordeaux airport : flights from London Gatwick, Birmingham, Bristol, Edimburgh and more (click here for more information).

reach us by train

 Pau train station : trains from Paris, Bayonne/ Biarritz, Bordeaux, Toulouse (click here for more information or to book your journey).

In Pau, you can rent a car in front of the station.

If you choose not to rent a car, I will pick you up for free from Pau station or airport.