• What level of french do I need before coming ? Everybody is welcome, there is no minimum level required.
  • How many people can be accomodated at the same time ? 2 is the maximum (a couple), there is a double bed in the flat. Read more about your accommodation here.
  • Are immersive stays for teenagers or children ? No, only for adults.
  • Can I pass a diploma during my stay ? Your teacher will help you to prepare your exam but it is not possible to take it during your stay.
  • Is renting a car compulsory ? Depending on what you want to visit/ where you want to go you will need a car or not (read more in « the region : what to do, what to see ? » section). In Pau, you can easily use public transports, walk or ride a bike.
  • How is the weather ? Because of mountains and ocean nearby, the weather is very changing. There are sometimes 4 seasons in one day ! Usually, climate is mild but it often rains. However, it can also be warm and sunny several weeks in a row. Weather is unpredictable whatever the season !
  • What is the best period to travel here ? Your stay will be interesting any time of the year because the region is very touristic and attracts people all year round ! Winter is the best moment for skiing ; hiking is possible in spring after snow thaw ; summer is the good time for sunbathing and swimming, hiking or watching the Tour de France during the Pyrenees stage…  
  • What to do on rainy days ? There are museums to visit, you can go to the swimming pool, library, cinema or do some shopping. Find more ideas on this page.
  • Can I come with my pet ? Sorry, pets are not allowed.